Leggings vs Yoga Leggings - What is the difference?

Leggings vs Yoga Leggings - What is the difference?

Posted by Yana Robertson, Founder/Weirdo On Jul 3rd 2018 In leggings, yoga pants, capri, yoga leggings

I'll assume you are here because you are wondering, "WTF is the difference between leggings and yoga pants/leggings/tights?!" because well it is a tad confusing. If this is a thought skirting around in your head then you have came to the right place my friend.

Now, before we begin let me preference with there is NO SPECIFIC naming convention here. Other creators call them different things as well. These stretch-to-fit pants are also known to be tights, pants, yoga pants, and stretchy pants just to name a few. Different folks, call them different things. No wonder we are so confused! I personally am having a hard time jiving on the word 'yoga' when it comes to fashion and hybridizing using one word to suggest so many different activities. However, after much debate internally and with other ladies, to keep it simple we are going to use the word 'yoga' when referring to this style of pants in the Pure Venatic Leggings line-up.

There are only a few major differences and I'll get into them more below, but first lets check out this handy graphic  that shows the differences between leggings and yoga leggings.

Leggings are two (2) pieces of fabric sewn together whereas yoga leggings are at least five (5 - two make up the waistband) pieces of fabric sewn together with the major differences being the waistband and the stitching. Lets get into the major differences as each manufacturer does slightly vary. 


An easy to see difference between leggings and yoga leggings is the waistband. Our leggings at Pure Venatic are created to have the waistband sit below the belly button and have a thicker-than-most-leggings elastic band sewn inside the pant legging (this is also one feature that makes Pure Venatic leggings more comfortable over other leggings). Whereas our yoga leggings waistbands are created from the same stretchy material as the rest of the legging but cut as completely separate pieces of fabric and sewn together. The higher sitting waistband assists with athletic support and stays put with a thin clear elastic band sewn on the inside. 


Leggings have Overlock & Cover stitching which makes the seems more hidden and have a smoother finish. The less showy seams give way to a more sophisticated look than the yoga leggings and can be paired with heels or sneakers for outfit versatility.

Yoga leggings have a Double Flatlock stitching which makes the seams more noticeable and athletic. The perk of the Double Flatlock stitching is that it is more rugged and there is way less chances of seams breaking. 


Don't think to much into this one as depending on a person's leg & torso length effects where the leggings exactly fall on a person. However, generally yoga leggings are a tad longer than leggings. It is also worth mentioning that 'capri or calf length' is the major length difference and can be offered in both legging styles. 

What in the heck is a Gusseted Crotch?

All yoga leggings should have a gusseted crotch for optimal movement. In essence a gusseted crotch is an extra triangular piece of fabric sewn where the seams of the crotch comes together. This allows for extra movement and stretching. It also helps with keeping leggings in place and not riding up to show um...extra lips. It is quite amazing how a little piece of cloth and stitching can make such a big difference.

So what style do I get? Both work as good base layers.

  • If you plan to wear these beauties to the conservation banquet, the brewery, during workouts & more dressy excursions go for Leggings.

  • If you plan to wear these pants working out, running errands, on outdoor shenanigans & more casual adventures opt for Yoga Leggings.