NEW PRODUCT: Custom Critter Leggings

NEW PRODUCT: Custom Critter Leggings

Posted by Yana Robertson, Founder/Weirdo On Oct 30th 2018

NEW* Custom Critter Leggings featuring YOUR harvest! Send a photo of your deer's antlers and get a specially customized legging! The 1st of its kind & available only here! Get a custom legging for you or the hunting lady in your life!

The Process

  1. You upload your critter photo - you also decide on size, color and style of your custom totem & any additional features offered.
  2. I digitally convert your photo into a vector graphic & then infuse it into the artwork print file used to create your specific totem - this is also where I create your custom label for the inside waistband that includes your name (or ya know the name of the person you are having this piece custom created for).
  3. You custom totem(s) is created & shipped to you.



Lead time depends on how many orders received, the more orders the longer the wait time so get on the list now to ensure you get yours within 3 weeks!

Want to get on the list for a custom pair? Here is the link to the store: