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Posted by Yana Robertson On Aug 28th 2017

Nomadic soul living off-grid in Montana - designing hunting, fishing and foraging inspired leggings, skirts and other totems symbolic of a Venatic lifestyle.

It all started with a love for traditional bowhunting and leggings.

Everyone loves yoga pants (and leggings)! We all know it is true. We all get an infatuation at some point. For folks wearing them, they are an extension of the skin, yet provides a protective shield that is movable like it has a memory membrane made special, just for the wearer. For the onlookers (or folks that are looking at the other folks wearing leggings) they are visually treated to the curves and terrain natural to the human body. Leggings and yoga pants can be sexy, classy, and expressive.

Ever since I was a young tike I’ve been rocking leggings. Girls at school would make fun of me for wearing my leggings and cowgirl boots. Didn’t matter, I still loved them. In fact, first time I went hunting with my dad I was wearing pink leggings. It was during the rut, freezing cold out. My outfit consisted of my mom’s snow boots, my sister’s hat and gloves, my brother’s camo coat, and MY leggings!

We were successful on that hunt in many ways. My dad taught me a way of hunting by rattling for whitetails using sheds and a traditional longbow. He planted the seed of hunting within me. Creating an addiction that is now so interwoven within my being, I’d be lost without it. All, while wearing my favorite leggings.

There had always been a design stuck in my head of a morel mushroom with an arrow going through it. It was symbolic of my main passion, hunting for food through archery and foraging. The symbol in my head haunted my waking and sleeping thoughts. So I made it. Then I shared it. Turns out I wasn’t the only one diggin’ the symbol and before I knew it I was getting t-shirt orders just by walking around my hometown of Missoula, Montana.

As a creative person, wearing leggings since I was little, designing my own just seemed to be the natural next step. An infatuation of leggings and yoga pants while playing outdoors with my traditional archery gear has been a common thread in the fabric of my existence. After receiving a tip from a friend and some R&D things started rollin.’

The idea of creating a lifestyle based business, was fashioned in the early winter months of 2017. As a means to merge my creative passion with my love for hunting, fishing, and foraging, Pure Venatic the brand was born. While working full-time+ at onXmaps, I would moonlight to work on Pure Venatic.

In the spring of 2017, sharing a haphazardly thrown together trade show booth with my mom of Venus Leaf and dad of Robertson Stykbow & with the support of friends, we soft launched Pure Venatic with only three of my prototype designs available for pre-order. The feedback was soul shaking. A month after the idea was born there was proof I had to take this to the next level.

"Before starting any major creative endeavor I feed my need for adventure."

Knowing that to launch a lifestyle business would be hard work and dedication I settled on an adventure that would test me both physically and mentally. An adventure that would prime me for the months to come, and since there was no open hunting season that interest me, I took up paddle fishing. One must be crazy and driven to do this, for it tested me similarly to traditional bow hunting (more on that story soon). I was a venatic for paddle fish and through passion and pursuit I finally got to dance with one and keep it. It was the best fish I ever ate, I passed my test. Now the creative work could begin.

Venaticin' = food = inspiration!

Continuing to moonlight while working full-time, my man and I decided to chase his dream as well and build an off-grid tiny house on our land in Alberton, Montana. The idea of getting out of town returning back to the land suited me just fine. So I built a business while Cody built a house. The summer of 2017 was spent to dedication to our future so very little outdoor adventures were pursued.

In the fall of 2017 with other projects in the fire and Pure Venatic budding into existence I said goodbye to a company I helped to build over the last 5 years and started working on Pure Venatic, LLC full time. Two weeks later the ecommerce store PureVenatic.com was launched during early archery season in the fall of 2017. See it is a good thing I went paddlefishing cause that was a long time to span between epic adventures as far as I’m concerned.

A few days after that I went on a project in Wyoming for ten days and the day after my return we moved into the tiny house while it was still being built. So September was a whirl!

In November of 2017 I had my first non-hunting trade show with finished designs and practically sold out. Seeing this feedback gave me confidence push I needed and now with the help of others supporting me, my designs & the Pure Venatic message I’m stoked to say things are rollin’. History making now in progress!

Pure Venatic 

Feelin' Fierce: fashion fibers made for the untamed.

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