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Moose Talk - Leggings

Handmade on request lead time:
14 days or less

Moose is a symbol of self esteem, courage, confidence, and grace.

Artist Note: The inspiration for Moose Talk came while on a film project in Wyoming. Having just started on a new path in life, I put a lot of trust into Moose totem as it is a strong animal totem within me. During this life transition and project I called upon Moose spirit many times. While enjoying the views of the Big Horn Mountains I was blessed to see many Moose that acted as reminders that I am strong and to trust my instincts. Thank you Moose for it is because of you, I was able to re-connect to me. I'm dedicating this collection to the amazing folks on the LIFE LINK TV Show project as we all called upon Moose during those wonderful days in the Big Horn Mountains.

These leggings are super soft and will be a favorite go-to to compliment your lifestyle pursuits. 

These semi-shiny, durable leggings are versatile meant for active days and dress up for nights. These leggings will never lose their stretch and provide that support and comfort you love in a unique design. We wish you could feel this fabric through the screen!

Graphics are inspired by outdoor adventures, created digitally and printed onto the garment fabric. Then, each legging is hand-cut and sewn in-house and shipped to its destination. 

Sizing Chart:

Actual product measurements may vary by up to 1" because they’re made by hand, if you are between sizes we suggest ordering a size up. Measurements are based off of standard sizing charts. Yana & most the models featured wear size M and are 5'4" to 5'10" in height. Size M is the most common size, however if you are still confused about sizing please get in touch.

 Technical Info:

  • Available in size XS-XL
  • Fabric: 82% polyester, 18% spandex 
  • Get active with four-way stretch, which means fabric stretches and recovers both on the cross and lengthwise grains without see thru
  • Made of a microfiber yarn, which is smooth and comfortable
  • Thick elastic waistband that sits below the belly button, which translates into no digging into tummies and stays put for active use
  • Smooth, stitching for more hidden seams to keep things classy
  • Hand-made on demand, please allow two weeks for the creation of these beautiful pieces + shipping time
  • Designed in Montana but inspiration came from throughout the world
  • Printed, cut, and hand-sewn in USA


More on Moose Totem from What's-Your-Sign.com

  • Don't sweat it! The moose doesn't. Nope - they don't sweat at all. It's a tactic to conserve heat, and precisely why moose thrive so well in cold environments. One of the reasons they wade in water so often is to cool themselves off. Symbolically, this is a way of saying "stay cool" under pressure.
  • Follow your snoot! The moose does. That Jimmy Durante schnoz isn't just for looks. In fact, the moose nose is made of super-sensory tissues which makes their sense of smell off-the-charts. They also have big lateral nostrils which allow them to take in their scent more effectively. Sense of smell is symbolic of memory. Symbolically, this is a message to explore memory with a goal to gain direction on your path.
  • Are you making googly eyes? Moose does. Well, sort of. Their eyes move independently. That means one eye can be looking at you, and the other eye is looking behind or to the side. This allows the moose to always "have an eye" on things, like their babies, predators, or a tasty snack. Symbolically, vision is about having faith we are on the right path, even if there is no light by which to see.
  • Vegan is the new green. It's old-school for the moose. They are herbivores, which means they don't eat meat. On a symbolic level, it's not necessarily what we eat - it's how we eat it. I can't speak for the moose, but I'd like to think they'd encourage us to consume as our human Native American ancestors did: With mindfulness, respect and honor for the life given so we may live (vegetation or otherwise).
  • Rack 'em up! A rack (moose antlers) is made of tissue. In fact, this is some of the fastest growing tissue on the animal planet. Moose antlers can grow an inch or more a day! They're also extra-sensitive. Moose can detect the slightest whisper of a breeze, or the tiniest insect hanging out on their rack. Symbolically, this ties into what I mentioned about antlers serving as a sensory perception antenna. This adds to the litany of neat symbolic moose facts. It says something to the effect: "Your perception is your 'crowning' glory.
  • Stroke! Stroke! Moose are consummate swimmers. In spite of their mass, they can do the dog paddle better if not as good as...well...dogs. They're also just as lithe on land. In fact, they can run up to 30+ mph. They swim up to 6 miles per hour. The ability to move is hugely symbolic, but more important is the way humans and animals move. Consider the expert elegance of the moose. Endeavor to emulate how this creature can move with deft with no thought to size.

Moose Talk - Leggings Reviews

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Posted by Sara B on Jan 3rd 2018

I absolutely love these leggings!! The orange color is so beautiful. I love that the design is perfect for wearing a little skirt over the leggings(while I'm at work) without hiding the design. These leggings are cute from every angle, not just the front, back, or side. These leggings are bright and let everyone know your wild side! Always get tons of compliments, they fit true to size and most importantly NOT see through!!! I plan on getting these in the capri version as well!


Posted by Sarah on Nov 21st 2017

I absolutely love how bright and cheery these leggings are. They brighten up my day everytime, plus the awesome moose.

Convenient from gym to dance floor!

Posted by Sandra Newell on Nov 20th 2017

I work out in these and also go out in these! They are bright so they get A LOT of attention. I wish they were available in other colors not so bright, but all around I think these leggings are great!