About Us

Heya, welcome to our corner of the internet forest! Yana here, founder/artists/wild woman behind Pure Venatic. Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by. As a small business owner I love to hear from you, shoot me a message if ya have any questions. Stay feral friends!

The Process

Inspired by Wild Vibes

Inspiration comes from adventures in nature and its inhabitants. When creative inspiration hits, I go to work! Using my skillsets as a photographer, graphic designer, and artist I create a print file (a design) that correlates perfectly to my sewing patterns.

Eco Friendly Technology
Digitally Print

Using a NEW (Eco-friendly) digital fabric printing technique, we fuse my art (the design) onto the high-quality pure white fabric used to create the goods.

Human Power
{Hand} Cut + Sew

Instead of laser cutting and using more electricity, we hand cut each piece individually. After that we hand-sew each piece, package it and then send it off to its destination.

Based in Montana

Off-the Grid

HQ is in MT and the folks that help out with fulfillment are located wherever the best prefer to live. Some are in the USA, others in Mexico and Canada, and a few reside in Europe. I work with the best, wherever the wilds take us!

Production Times

Most items are made at the time of order. This translates to we make it when you order it. This ensures minimum waste, quality goods, and attractive pricing. Production times range from a day to a week + shipping times.

See our Covid-19 Updates  page for the latest info.

wild vibes + tech = feral fashion

It all started with a love of archery and leggings.