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Wapiti Walk - Leggings

Handmade on request lead time:
14 days or less

Wapiti (elk) is symbolic of stamina, strength, and agility

The art of survival breathes within the Elk Spirit Totem (aka Wapiti). Wapiti (elk) live in big herds and are rarely seen alone. They enjoy the company of their own kind, but they do need their own space. If a herd is attacked they will scatter to the four winds to confuse a predator. The art of survival is part of the elks teachings. If cornered they can turn pretty dangerous. Adult bulls with a full set of antlers are a match for any animal that tries to cross them, including a bear. People with this power animal need a sacred space to go to now and again in order to keep their energy balanced. Possessing tremendous stamina, elk are able to run for a very long time. They are powerful with strong reflexes, responding speedily to anything that appears on their path. Elk are very alert and can sense danger the moment it arrives and can show us how to become more observant of subtle energies. Elk are temperamental and unpredictable, subdued one moment and aggressive the next. In the Wapiti Walk collection, Elk is seen walking with an eagle to symbolize community and communication while looking for his own kind. 

These leggings are super soft and will be a favorite go-to to compliment your lifestyle pursuits. These semi-shiny, durable leggings are versatile meant for active days and dress up for nights. These leggings will never lose their stretch and provide that support and comfort you love in a unique design. Graphics are printed onto the garment and each legging is hand-cut and sewn in-house after printing.

  • Available in size XS-XL
  • Fabric: 82% polyester, 18% spandex 
  • Get active with four-way stretch, which means fabric stretches and recovers both on the cross and lengthwise grains without see thru.
  • Made of a microfiber yarn, which is smooth and comfortable
  • Thick elastic waistband, which translates into no digging into tummies and stays put for active use
  • Hand-made on demand, please allow two weeks for the creation of these beautiful pieces + shipping time
  • Designed in Montana but inspiration came from throughout the world
  • Printed, cut, and hand-sewn in USA

Sizing Chart:


Sizes are approximate. Measurements are based off of standard sizing charts for an athletic fit. If you are between sizes we recommend ordering a size up. 


Wapiti Walk - Leggings Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Best Leggings Ever

Posted by Kristie Morgan on Jun 10th 2018

The material is soft and NOT SEE THROUGH! I love these leggings. The fit is perfect. I wear a size 25-26 in jeans and the small fit just right. I get compliments every time I wear them out and have people asking me where I got them. Hopefully I have been giving you more business :) :) Thanks for the great leggings! I am obsessed and need more now!


Posted by Sara B on Jan 11th 2018

These leggings are awesome. I love the different colors in them, makes them go with more tops! I like that the design is low enough that if I need to for work, I can wear a mini skirt over them without covering any design. They are so soft and comfortable to wear. and of course the best part is them NOT being see through! They're perfect for going out around town or the next adventure! Will be buying the capri version as well!

Gift for granddaughter

Posted by Nancy Brown on Nov 20th 2017

I bought these leggings from Yana at the show in Helena for my granddaughter as a holiday gift. I couldn't wait to give them to her so I gave them to her early. My granddaughter is so pleased now I know what to get her for her birthday, more leggings from Yana!